How should you start dropshipping in how many products?

Published On: September 24, 202125.7 min read

I kept asking myself, “When can I open my dropshipping store? When I created my first dropshipping store? When do I have plenty to sell and start to make money in my store?” Below, I’ll give you a short answer and dive deeply into what you need to know before opening your shop!

I would suggest that you import 5-20 products from your dropshipping store when you’re just starting, but focus on 1-3 products only. These products will be the first ones with which you will begin advertising. The rest of the products make your store look real and alive!
As I said above, when you’re just starting, I suggest importing 5 to 20 products in your shop, but you don’t have to follow that number.

Everything depends on what kind of shop you build. Or perhaps you’ve built it already!

Do you have a niche shop or a shop?

I would suggest reading my article here if you are not yet sure if you want a niche shop or general shop. It covers the question most often asked: “Is it necessary to go to the general shop or a niche?” I also included all the upsides and downsides to a shop and a niche.

You can click here to read my article about how the best niche in 2021 can be found for your dropshipping store if you already know you want to have the niche shop!

Once you find out whether you are going with a general store, or a niche, and what niche, then the time is right to think about how many items you should focus on in the beginning, what is best for your situation.

What if you build a dropshipping niche shop?

For example, on AliExpress, you may be looking for a really specific niche, there might be only eight products from your niche.

The only way to find out is to open AliExpress and search your niche products. Also, don’t forget to select the best AliExpress suppliers when you found your products!

In addition, the quantity of products is not so important for the niche store. Make sure that all the products fit well.

This is necessary to do upselling when your shop is up and running. And because your niche stores are more willing to check out what you have to offer, perhaps your clients who come to your stores. This might result in more sales!

Would that person like all the goods that I will be importing into my store if you don’t know if your target audience would like a product, just think like the person you love the niche you have chosen is the cats?

Another question you might ask is: “Are all my products related to my niche: cats?”

And what if you build a general horse-drawn shop?

If I do not advise you to choose a general shop, but you still can do so, then the sky is the limit of the number of products you can choose from.

I don’t suggest starting with a general store, though. However, it may be an excellent way to begin if you have no marketing or e-commerce experience because you can only add any product you want to your store.

Just know that a lot of effort is needed to succeed, and success won’t be overnight.

Most general shops have trendy products that have proven themselves to be sold.

Would you think: Trendy products? What are these? What are these?

Trendy products are products many people bought before you began selling in other shops.

Consider products such as the fidget spinner.

If you begin to sell such products, many may already know them, so that your publicity might vary.

But it may not be a good thing for everyone who knows your products. You’d buy a fidget rotator right now, for example? I don’t believe so. I don’t believe so.

Why should you concentrate on only a few products as a beginner?

You now know that in your new shopping center, you can import as many products as you want, but why should you concentrate on just several products?

The reason I said only 1-3 is, many people seem to believe that quantity is of equal quality, but if one product cannot be sold, it’s impossible that you can sell 10 products simultaneously.

When you’re just starting, you need to learn how to market your drinks, how to write superb descriptions of the product, and so forth.

If you need to find out all this and put it into practice for about 10 products at the same time, it’s just too much work.

Perhaps you already know it, but the Pareto Principle is here. If you are dropshipping, you can also apply this.

80% of your sales are based on 20% of your products. So most of your sales come from just a few products.

Therefore, I only like to focus simultaneously on 1-3 products.

There is a lot of value in your shop for the rest of the products you do not focus on at the same time. It is the so-called “fillers.”

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