what is affiliate marketing?

Published On: September 10, 202112 min read

Affiliate marketing is the process with which you can earn commission by promoting another company or person’s products.

Although revenue is earned through different pay schemes, the general idea is that you will earn an income for each sale you make on the product that you have successfully marketed.

This adds legitimacy to the term “Get Paid as you Sleep,” as you will earn revenue every time someone uses your affiliate code, or clicks on the link that you have provided.

The potential income you receive can vary wildly, from a few bucks here to thousands and possibly even millions.

It is all about the manner in which you promote, the traffic you receive, and how you use the skills you have acquired to persuade your clients to purchase something.

Unlike dropshipping and Amazon FBA, you are not in any directly involved with the products, their purchasing or their shipping. You are solely responsible for the marketing of that product.

However, this does not mean you should become an affiliate for just about anything. You are not just representing a product, as the product is also representing you and your credibility with clients.

The emphasis here is still to ensure that you are associated with high quality products that will help in establishing trust and reliability with your clients.

Even if you’ve never traveled, I am sure that you’ve heard of TripAdvisor before. TripAdvisor is a website designed to provide helpful hints, tips and suggestions on places such as hotels and restaurants in various locations around the globe.

And guess what? TripAdvisor is an affiliate! You would never have even guessed it, yet the site receives around 116 million visitors every month, earning income from travel companies, hotels as well as other travel sites.

They are perhaps one of the largest success stories of affiliate marketing. Again, not everyone is guaranteed this side of success.

However, it could help to merely supplement your salary and ensure that you will live comfortably, or buy that car that you’ve always wanted.

Remember that we are not trying to engage in get rich quick schemes. We are aiming to create an environment where we can live our lives with purpose, while pursuing our dreams. At the end of the tunnel, the reward is very much worth the risk, if you have played the right cards.

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